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In the project "Adapt Accessoires" is needed more human ressource in the team in these positions: website design, marketing and sales. A financial support, we help me to cover the salary of my team, to handel with the local producer of accessories in Africa, to support the rent of the location and administration fees.

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I come from Cameroon and my moto is to work hard and be part of the change. That is why l choose to study electronic and to spent my time on non-profit action.

I put a huge importance on my social contribution. l am Student-chair in the IEEE Sight Germany section in my actual university. Being a member of this association is the way i found to use my knowlegde in electronic to create solutions for person in need. We work on various projects and i am proud be initiator of the project “NIM”, which hav to goal to provide solar bags to children in region without electricity. In Cameroon i have not stop participating for the development. I was volunteer for 5 years at the NGO FAPEFE, where i teach mathematic, french and englich to underprivileged children and organize workshop for underpriviliged women, so that she learn a skill to be able to start a small business.

Regarding my study, I come with competencies in the field of electronics and experience in project management. I am doing a second Master’s degree in electrical engineering option electronic at the Ruhr-University Bochum, where I was honored to receive the DAAD Prize 2020 for my excellent results and my social engagement. I took part in the Vodafone Graduate Program in Cameroon and worked in the enterprise particularly on the implementation of an IoT-System for the supervision of the environmental parameters of the Datacenter and fuel reservoir. This program was dedicated at best students from many universities in Cameroon. For more than one year I work in the Makerspace RUB, where we build a creative and open technology center for all people who want to implement ideas. I assist the organisation of workshops and prototyping of electronic, 3D- modelling, 3D printing and 3D Scan. Part-time I spend time in non profit actions.

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Lorna Daryl Ngole Noumegne