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I’m a young passionate man working with technology to make solutions to preserve the environment .

I have always wanted to make an impact on the world. Thus, I decided to take the entrance exam for the best school in Brazil, the Federal Center of Technology. It is a
very competitive test, but I studied hard and was accepted.
At the school, I discovered many new opportunities. However, with so much information available, it was difficult to know where to start. I tried to engage with these
opportunities by creating a startup called Pop Match, but it was not successful. I presented the idea at the Federal Center of Technology, but it did not take off.

I decided that I needed to make a change. And that’s when things started to take a good turn.
I made some changes in my life that had a positive impact. I became healthier by running and eating healthy foods. I also started to engage on opportunities that I
was REALLY passionate about. Here are some things: 1. I created an app that was used in the Federal Center of Technology to help people know where to recycle
things. The app had an intuitive UI and I received financial compensation for it. (R$ 400 per month for the development) 2. I created an A.I. that was capable of
identifying fires by images, which had the goal to help to identify forest fires, and that actually won 1st place on the Federal Center of Techonology exposition, which
is the second biggest science competition of my state (Rio de Janeiro). 3. I create a site to allow people to recycle eletronics, which, because of it’s innovative
methods was published in an international scientific journal (Brazilian Journal of Development)
And that’s only a part of it. I did much more.
Of course, I only talked about the sucesses. But when it came, the pandemic struck me hard, but I managed to force myself out of it. I was socially isolated for at least
2 months. I would not talk to ANYONE, and school was halted. But, even in those conditions, I still managed to mantain myself healthy by doing exercises in my
bedroom and eating healthily.

After a year of doing many things, I decided that I would do even better. I always aim to improve, so I started doing more things, but now, specially, with a TEAM.
1. I gathered the best students in all areas in the federal institute, and created a team to send 38 projects to the Federal Technological Center exposition. We
actually sent the 38 projects and we got 2 first place medals.
2. I also started project Ubuntu, in partnership with the organization “Casa de Cáritas” which had the goal to connect non-profit organizations here in Brazil
(Which is a really bad problem here). which was a finalist in the Prudential Communitary Award.
I accomplished more than what I wrote in this section, but I would like to keep this brief, so I’ll end it here.

First Place Place in the EXPOTEC at the Federal Center of Technology
Third Place At the Rio the Janeiro state science competition (FECTI)
Fellowship to develop the RECICLAQUI app for my school (I received financial compensation, about R$ 400)
Best presentation (EXPIN-48)
11 Medals in the EXPOTEC & EXPOSUP:
Note, the EXPOSUP competition is for graduate students, and this is really good because I’m in highschool and I won against college students.
4 First-Places
4 Second-Places
2 Third-Places
1 Fourth-Place
More than 30 Projects were submited to the Federal Center of Technology Competition. See the projects here.
First Place At the state science competition (FECTI)
Sucessfuly completed the Michigan English Test, earning the C1 classification. (And Started studying spanish)
Graduated with honors in my English Course
Finalist at the Prudential Communitary Spirit Award
Published Research:
One article published in the Brazilian Association of Telecomunication
One article published in the Brazilian Journal of Development

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Lucas Tejedor