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Luciana Ferreira Centeno


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Nayah Amazon Products – Sustainable Development is in Good Taste!

Nayah Amazon Products is a food company business model created for the sustainable development of biodiversity-rich environments such as the Amazon using ethical trade practices. Our proposal focuses on the manufacture of bean-to-bar chocolate and related products at the Region of raw material production. This practice is still rarely used by the chocolate industry, which has most processing plants located in developed countries; as well as cocoa beans sourced from developing countries showing unethical trade. Other than promoting insalubrious working conditions for growers, often using child labor, those practices convert cocoa growing regions into mere raw-material suppliers where any positive impact on the economy is very low when compared to the potential of fully developed products and business concepts. In turn, by processing locally, societal value is delivered to cocoa producers, company employees, consumers, partner companies and institutions. This can be achieved through the introduction of research, education, and cultural and environmentally friendly marketing strategies for the elaboration of value-added and high-quality products. The model promotes the use of unique and exotic ingredients made from various crops of the local biodiversity, which alone can be a strategy for market positioning based on generating interest and curiosity of the local tourist market; the national and international informed consumer markets; while promoting greater food security and extended availability of familiar products to the local consumer. Greater economic growth and wealth distribution is also possible through the valorization of local professionals and work force. This model can be further replicated by other cocoa producing communities which can devise their own business concept and positioning to distinguish themselves in the market place by applying the projects core idea of cocoa processing and final product development at the region of raw material production, showing the world that sustainable development is in good taste!

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