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Beekeeping, Marketing,Project Writing, Data Acquisition Field Supervising,Business plans, Business consultancy,Strategic planning, Project management

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Name: Lukindo, Abdul A.J
Am 3rd year student pursuing Bachelor Degree in Development Economics at Institute of Rural Development Planning, Dodoma,Tanzania. Am an entrepreneur and I teach youth entrepreneurship.

Skills & Knowledge: Project Writing, Data Acquisition Field Supervising, Preparing Business plans, Business consultancy,Floor plan creating,beekeeping,driving and ofcourse Cooking.

Interests: Learning & Networking

Hobbies:Listening Music(all kinds) Reading Novels, Watching movies.

Relationships: Single

Quote: If you can’t fly,run. If you can’t run,walk.If you can’t walk,crawl. But whatever you do,keep on Moving
~Martin Luther King Jr ~

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Abdul Lukindo