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Diamond Wastes Company

wastes spread around us everywhere in the streets, houses and universities. This has become a normal condition and a part of our daily lives every day. Therefore, with the spread of this phenomenon and low awareness among many people and the lack of wastes collection companies and recycling at the local level. So is the process of collecting wastes in general and assembly of plastic, metal, particularly from the operations, which has become a concern to many people in the previous period. So this proposed project was born of the need to get rid of this waste. This project can be done in urban areas and near to the consumption of these wastes such as (Restaurants Cafes universities) it can also be performed in the rural areas of the places of wastes frequently. And therefore this project is based on two main phases: First: in the city of Mansoura by assembling plastic and metal waste in the university and nearby restaurants and cafes in a big store and then supply to recycling factories and customers to export abroad. Given that this role is responsibility of the local units of the governorate and which do for free. And recognition of everyone not to get this service as required. It was agreed with the university to get these target wastes free of charge, but only to provide boxes for an assembly in addition to organizing some identifiable seminars for students to work on educating young people of the importance of this project. It has also been agreed with most of the restaurants in order to get the wastes without charge, but few of these restaurants confirmed desire to cooperate with us but for put its logo of restaurant on the collection boxes. On the other hand, showed that all the officials in the cafes have a great desire to cooperate with us without any conditions. Second: in some rural villages next to the city of Mansoura through a full wastes collection and sorting in an agricultural plot of land and then sold through a variety of sources. Where in villages spread the idea of wastes collection by the local units and then stored in garbage dumps without any benefit from them. And therefore it was agreed with some government officials to provide 3 vehicles of wastes a day from about 10 villages belonging to the city of Mansoura against 30 pounds for the vehicle and then we sort them in order to get the plastic and metal wastes in order to supply to recycling factories or to be exported. As for the rest of the wastes will be sold to farmers in these villages in order to be used as organic fertilizer to the soil and therefore this will be a secondary source of profit for the project. In short: Input: plastic and metal wastes. Suppliers: University restaurants cafes rural villages. Customers: The owners of agricultural land (simple client). The owners of recycling factories and exporting companies (a strong client).

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