June 17, 2016 09:31

thanks Mkoko Samweli, surely now we need innovative ideas that can solve environmental problems

June 10, 2016 22:39

Congrats Morris for a very nice project, hope will be potential to the community

best wishes

June 10, 2016 22:35

Thanks Morris for your support, I do the same

June 10, 2016 22:31

thanks Mr. Abayo, I hope will be useful and will tackle sanitation problems

June 10, 2016 22:28

thank you Ohidul,
I will also support yours because it has positive impacts in driving economy

June 9, 2016 23:47

thanks Salome for your courage!..

June 9, 2016 22:28

wow, very interesting idea.. its sound great..
I voted for you and I will always support you

best wishes
Magoti Faustine

June 9, 2016 22:20

thanks madam Bettina Atwill, I'm going to do same to support your idea

June 9, 2016 22:18

Brother Victor am with you..
already cast a vote for you..
best wishes

June 9, 2016 18:39

Thanks Philipo for your committed heart..

Find the yellow button written VOTE NOW nearly the blue FACTOR button..

hope you will make it