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Computer Science, App Developer and Educational Enthusiastic

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My project along with my team is FountEd, a nonprofit organization working to spread knowledge to all underprivileged students in Nepal. We have reached 2500+ students just in 2 and half months. What leaves us behind is to reach more students in funding and lack of proper resources. We could have made members from each district but members are also lacking knowledge. So, to complete our project FountEd, we are looking mostly for funds so we can educate someone and one day he/she can educate others.

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I’m originally from Bajura, an underdeveloped district where few children get to study. When I was 5, I was lucky to move to Doti with my father. I studied at a private school, but still, there were fewer opportunities than I needed. Different ill traditions like untouchability, discrimination, and belief in Dhami-Jhakri mainly affected my education and growth there; however, even amidst it all, my eagerness to learn new things always drove me. After completing my SEE, I got a good scholarship in School at Kathamandu, and this became the turning point in my life. I meet with many like-minded people, I get more opportunities, and I get chances to explore myself. I always wanted to learn and educate others. Whenever I think of the other young minds like me in my district, deprived of education and opportunities, it motivates me to work beyond my limits. I want to be capable enough to provide free education and outreach programs to the children of Bajura, Doti, and many other districts where education is below existence. The small slopes I’m climbing are hone for tall mountains in my future and I will continue my work to educate each and every student in Nepal.
I have received the Commitment award from the World book of records- London for contributing to the different sectors while covid-19 as well as many other appreciation awards for spreading knowledge.

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Mahesh Pandit


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