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Entrepreneurship, marketing , process design , management , digital marketing, business development ,leadership

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“A 9 year passionate entrepreneurial soul with eyes open to possibilities that can make a dent in the world.”
* Currently a founder and Chief Development Officer at Anamehani LLC that has won many awards :
• Takeda Award for the best promising startups – Japan
• 2nd place in IMF Arab Youth Contest – Morocco
• 3rd place in Creative Business Competition – Denmark
• One of the top 100 Arab promising startups – Jordan
• One of the best Arab startups in Youth Marketplace – UAE
• 1st Place in Rowad Blockone Competition – Yemen
* A founder and CSO of a social network called Socialplaz .
* A former CEO at MENAVAS Ltd,
* A former CEO at Alma Production and Communication Agency,
* A former Regional director at Mobivance group in Lebanon , Mauritania , Sudan and Jordan ,
* A former Commercial manager at Eram FM – Yemen’snumber 1 radio station
* A former Commercial Manager at Linkintime Ltd
* A former Official project coordinator at Youth Facebook Organization
* A former English Instructor in both the Lebanese International University and Science and Technology

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Maher Alrahomi


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