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mai al-tahrawi

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Recycling Plastic Bottles

Introduction: Plastic is one of the most popular and useful materials of modern times. Its popularity is part of the problem .We now use about plastic-fold from the previous. However, we can improve the lifetime of plastic by re-use and recycling of many elements as often as possible. Plastic bottles can be found anywhere on the earth. In fact plastic bottles are useful so that any food or drink liquid product can be found almost sold in plastic bottles. Plastic water bottles are becoming a growing segment of the municipal solid waste stream especially in Palestine . For the reason water salinity suffered by the people but not limited to salinity, but also on the lack of cleanliness and therefore they are going to buy a large amount of plastic bottles of water contrast, There's no factories to recycle plastic bottles , which should be available in our country to preserve and protect the environment and disposal of these items in healthy and friendly way. This process considered a new idea which not implement in our country before. Recycled plastic bottles are part irreplaceable in our lives. They are lightweight and unbreakable almost when used for the purpose designed. This is also the reason for the plastics industry and plastic bottles represent a significant portion of the waste generated in the community. But bottled water is considered harmfully and unhealthy to the environment . Objective: Making plastic bottles source environmentally friendly by recycling and produce new materials and products from the existing bottles. Activities: we have three activities which use to create new materials from existing materials: 1- Collection and sorting the existing water bottles. 2- reprocessing the materials into something that is usable. 3- produce new materials and products which ready to buy by consumers.

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