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Maja Tomanovic


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GPS Stickes

With this project is elaborated business idea related to the production of specific so-called White Sticks, which will greatly simplify the lives of people who are forced to use them. White Sticks are canes used by people with disabilities, people with full or partial blindness. White Sticks are manufactured from specific material and their purpose is to simplify the movement and orientation in space. White Sticks did not changed through the generations and the original white cane stayed the same and it has the same function. Stickes that are the subject of this idea I will call GPS Stickes. The essence of the idea is that the white cane incorporate GPS devices that will guide blind people and directed them to the desired locations. GPS device will be connected to a wireless network with a headset that would be located in the ears of people who use canes. The headphones are connected to the microphone through which a person determined desired location, which would also be transmitted through wireless network to the GPS device. In this way the sticks for blind people not only enabled the acquisition of a sense of proximity to certain objects or people, but keep them directed to where they want to arrive at the same time choosing the most convenient road for them . The advantage of using this device in comparison to other modern devices with GPS technology is that they are being manufactured exclusively for the blind and absolutely adapted to them and their needs.

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