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I am a Innovative and entrepreneur, and I worked on developing several entrepreneurship projects in different fields such as (Public transport projects, e-shops projects, projects for many women who have handicrafts products), photographer (specialized in photography of craft products, tourist areas and monuments in Jordan) , strong work ethic, team-player, organized ,experience in presentation , Trainer on entrepreneurship programs.

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People specializing in entrepreneurship, development, information, Innovative, support and funding

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I am Majdi Suleiman 30 old from Amman, Jordan and I am Innovator and entrepreneur with 3 years in Business Leadership& Entrepreneurship.

– I have a High Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership
– I have also completed Master Of Business Administration MBA (Innovation and Entrepreneurship) – Founder of Diamond Hands for Handicraft Projects
– Co-founder of Creative Space Initiative to help the unemployed develop their skills and establish their own projects
– Assistant and developer of entrepreneurial projects, ideas and start-ups. Where you develop at least 20 projects, write business plans and project files to be provided to investors and their supporters.
– I have excellent experience in Entrepreneurship Training Programs

and yes I have excellent experience in craft training programs, my mother has worked in this field for more than 6 years and I stayed beside her until I worked in a lot of the arts and crafts centers. This made me gain a long experience in that craft field and made me complete my MBA in Business Administration until to open a company in this field that I loves.

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Majdi Suleiman


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