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IMy name is Majeogbe Paul, a Nigerian citizen; owner of the Biogas Idea for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission. I am 19 years old and I reside in Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria. My Senior Secondary schooling was at Wesley College of Science, Elekuro, Ibadan. Presently I am studying my Diploma in Computer Science at the Polytechnic, Ibadan. Although this project is far from my field, Computer Science is to solve the global problems technologically but the concept behind this idea is while schooling at Wesley College, I met a Corper serving in my school but also running his Masters Degree at the great citadel of learning; University of Ibadan as a Mechanical Engineer. The project given to him was to make a Bio-gas, being a closer friend to him; he started asking me how it has ever crossed my mind turning all waste in my school (which is a boarding school) into wealth. From there he created a Forum called “WASTE TO WEALTH”. From the forum we made useful things used in school and by the student from cork (we have a School Hall used for parties), broken kegs (used by student for fetching water), used papers etc. From this idea, then I understood what my teacher meant. He completed his project making use of leftover foods from the school dining hall, poultry and piggery farm. Since then I made up my mind I must never let this ideal go dead but do something that will help my family and my country as a whole.

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