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My name is Malavika Menon presently pursuing my graduation in human genetics from India. Being brought up in a Keralite middle-class family we have always valued education and knowledge a step ahead of everything. Since I have spent 23 years of my life in India I was able to understand the problems we faced here in our country among which poverty was the primary issue. The government has been able to successfully tackle most of the problems in regard to poverty among the marginalized communities, but still, a significant proportion of our society faces hardships even in getting a full belly. During one of my visits to a popular city in India I came across a child about 10 years of age trying to sell flower garlands and was asking every passerby to buy some. I stood there and asked him why r u selling this and not studying, to that he replied he was trying to earn money to buy a notebook for doing his homework. I instantly bought 4 notebooks for him but this triggered my consciousness. A temporary relief by giving some money is not enough neither schools just providing theoretical education but the overall development of the child both mentally and physically with a stimulating environment should be our goal.

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malavika menon