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Social Entrepreneur & agent of development environmental activist

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social entrepreneur development officer in a non-governmental organization dénomée HOPE LAND CONGO, I am responsible and effective member communication. I am also team leader, mentor and motivator in Congo Leadership Initiative, an NGO development.
and finally educator of youth on behalf of ETALELI YA SIKA.

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Malco Mukendi

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Creating a streetwear label in Kinshasa

Kinshasa as all cities in emerging societies has a boom of population and they are very young and talented. My idea focus on the fashion sector especially the streeetwear which is one important element in urban culture. As we are reaching the 2015 Millenium Development Goals and called to think on the after 2015 concerning goal One, Three and Seven knowing that youth makes up 60 % of emerging socities, and women are a crucial actors of the development and that sustainable development is the sole heritage we can leave for coming generations we cannot imagine reducing extreme poverty without empowering youth considering what stated above, who are already blessed with great potentialities. The crucial aim of this idea is to give a framework for talented young designers of streetwear to express their creativity in giving a business platform that can enable them to access the market and make reasonable profit. Our observation made us to come in the conclusion that there are many scattered initiatives but not real organized business for streetwear in Kinshasa. The demand is there because of the growing appetite of urban culture stuffs but the offer doesn't always meet the real need of consumers. Although there are many talented designers, we identified some, who do not where and how to sell their products. For this project we circoncized our study in the most populeous district of Kinshasa( East of Kinshasa, Tshangu) where we find very young talented but often very poor and less educated designers. The major objectives of the label will be : introduce in the market a Kinshasa made streetwear ; Professionalization of their work train, enhance and/or reinforce capacities and know-how in order to develop and make this sector more profitable for youth.

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