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My name is Dastan Mziwanda, born and raised in rural areas of Morogoro Tanzania. I am currently 37 years old, a holder of bachelor degree in Economics from the University of Dar es salaam. I am currently working as a founder Director and CEO of MALEMA FOUNDATION TANZANIA (www.malemafoundation.or.tz) an organization that deals with supporting women and youth on improving their economic status and living standards. I worked with various organizations including the International Labour Organization for Tanzania office on promoting youth entrepreneurship spirit in Tanzania. Worked with Public institutions such as the Presidential Trust Fund for Self Reliance, Private institutions such as National Microfinance Bank, Tanzania Chamber of Commerce Industries and Agriculture (TCCIA) for Morogoro region. I am also a Board member of the Tanzania Coalition on Debt and Development (TCDD). I have also conducted several studies such as the “Status of small business formalization in Morogoro Municipality” and “Extension of credit facilities to small scale industries”.

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Dastan Mziwanda