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– Implementing the "Do not Kill My Childhood" program to reduce child marriage in Aden with the support of S.O.S and in partnership with UNICEF. – Instructor in Dispute Resolution and Peace Building – Friedrich Ebert Deutschland 2019 . – Participant in the awareness campaign and member of the team of the " RUAFED OF ADEN " initiative 2019. – President of the initiative " FINA KHAIR " – Aden 2019 . – Consultant in Social Fund for Development – Yemen 2019. – Experience in hardware and software of monbile 2017 .

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I am one of the graduates of the Social Fund for Development, Aden 2019. My colleagues and I aspire to establish an institution to rehabilitate and train young people in Mahallo to train them in the labor market, but we have encountered many difficulties so we hope to help us establish an institution that prepares young people

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We need official permits to set up an official institution and headquarters from which we can operate and a special place for training and rehabilitation, while human cadres are available