August 16, 2017 19:38

Hello Andrei,
Thanks for the time you have taken to read the idea.
Parking plots kept on increasing over the years just because of the increasing number of cars in the city.
If parking plots are only too many then just imagine how many cars would be in search of a single parking plot each and everyday. And also the amount pollution in search of that one parking plot increases day by day.
So, wouldn't it be convenient for anyone to just book a plot instead of drama everyday!!. If there is no parking plot available then the person can decide and go to the destination by other means instead of going round and round around the parking area and at the end finding no plot, which could be frustrating for any person.
When it comes to profit then if people are really feeling convenient in booking a plot then automatically the downloads of the app will increase will lead to profit too.
I would say if something is helpful in preventing global warming or climate change then that itself is a huge profit.