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engineering , NGO management

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social empowerment and sustainable developments in equal social living forms

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I was the student chairman of ‘RADEINT’an association in my college.
I was a general member of All India human rights association in 2014.

Started a NGO in 2012 to help physically and mentally challenged persons
Graduated in Instrumentation engineering and worked for Indian Space Agency as Engineer Trainee.
Now working as Engineering Officer in RBI’s subsidiary.

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manokarthi somasundaram


Project Overview


We Humans are the most prized possession of the earth. We are the most intelligent social life forms of all and are recognized by other living forms only because of humanity. It is that property of us that gives us the name human. Yes, the term humanity must have been coined after the word human was known but it is definitely humanity that made us capable for that. God might have made us the supreme to definitely take some responsibilities like taking care of other living things, the nature, and the environment we live in and also humans to stay human. If we look back at our past we would definitely see that we havent been taken any of the above mentioned responsibilities at all. We have divided our people by castes, races and fought with our own men, made weapons and killed them and exponentially more. We have created only hate and fear around us. If we dont stop felling trees we will stop breathing, if we dont stop terrorism then we will die soon from a terrorist attack, if we dont choose the right politicians we will soon lose our living needs in our own country, if we dont stop following castes and races we will soon be a victim and will lose life in a fight. We should realize that we humans are losing our humanity. Let us take some initiative which should help our people how to treat and travel with our global mate. The real strength that we humans have got is our observational as well as experimental mind. With this mind we have to destroy the selfish living and to understand our global mates thoughts, needs and feelings. Cant we produce the good society, better environment, and best citizens with this mind?

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