June 22, 2014 13:39

With very high hope , I have opened up this idea to develop the man's humanity nature.What really motivated me to coin this idea is when I started work for helping physically, mentally challenged individuals, poor children and aged people I realized that we humans are losing humanity.So, I thought that why can't we try a sight line to make our young generation to feel their humanitarian sense and to develop the same by making them to do their real social duty.When it is to be started , we have to design its theme to make it function big to achieve our goal.To fulfill the mission we have to use the entire potential of the youth to work for the social empowerment and this in turn will result a complete human being, who will come to know his / her own social responsibility, involve in peace building,respect and treat everyone equally, become aware of worth of life and live with each other, love nature, protect our globe etc.,
I hope you friends will agree with me and if u like my idea then vote for it...Really looking up to everyone of you to support me

June 12, 2014 16:13

My idea is to make a huge impact on our social forms, so if u people really like my idea then please vote for it...