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Marcos Silva


Project Overview

Construcoco - eco bricks in the construction of an environmental and social society

The Construcoco is based on the development of a mini-company construction focused on the development of materials for sustainable buildings. The differential of the project is the use of a raw material from the remains of garbage: the fiber from coconut shell. We create a brick that has 20% coconut fiber and eliminates the use of cement. This way we could cheapen the product without loss of quality, and still enjoy a material that is 70% of the waste from the coast.The idea is that eco-products for construction - has as its goal the sustainable reuse of coconut and economically viable form being applied in construction, which therefore seeks to minimize the impacts of materials and harmful environmental elements. With the initial result bricks and a study for the development of tiles, ceramic floor and counter. Knowing that the coconut is a raw material present in most countries such a project could be scaled. And adapted to new needs and raw materials, such as construction of retaining walls, paving, stairs and more. Taking benefits, so that each community produce its product can make a good application and use and still market the product.

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