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Criativity, IT, Enviroment.

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Opinions, partners, financial investment.

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Hello, My name is Maria Carolina and I am 30 years old. I graduated in computer science and have professional experience in information security and environment management. I am a creative person, always having different kind of ideas.

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Maria Carolina Silva


Project Overview

Buy anywhere. Receive when you come.

The main idea is to allow people that make on site shopping to do that anywhere, not just on the store. No matter if they are at office, or at home, in the way, or even in the shop. The concept is to offer an application that can be run anywhere, in a smartphone, tablet, computer etc. This application allows the consumer to make his order and pay online for it. Since the payment process is done, it is generated an bar code. When the consumer come to the shop, he just have to pass his smartphone in a reader device. Since the code is readed, the staff is notified with the order and the location of the customer. The product can be delivery right away in the costumer's table. The customer do not have to waste his time in lines to choose the products or services, or to pay or for the delivery.

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