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Maria Ebenezer, 26, has garnered relevant corporate skills and experiences in event and project management, assumed several leadership positions and is currently carving a niche for herself in the event staffing industry.

Having obtained a Diploma in Business Management & Entrepreneurship and a 5-year modeling career experience where she acquired the expertise and knowledge of the event staffing industry, she officially established her company – Emerald Green Ushering Services in 2015.

Till date her company, Emerald Green Ushering Services have actively hired over 40 young women who work as her event hostesses with a demonstrated history of staffing various West Africa conferences held in Nigeria and a clientele spanning to organizations in London, Dubai, USA, South Africa and Nigeria.

Her project – Emerald Green Finishing School would ensure that more young women are not only provided with gainful employment but would also be equipped with skills that make them stand out to be highly sought after by event staffing companies that would partner with her in this project.

Her goal which is aligned with SDG 8 and 9, is to make event staffing one of the most rewarding professions in the country and ensure that unemployment rate is greatly minimized.

I look forward to impacting meaningfully in Africa and the world at large.

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Maria Ebenezer