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Mariam Younis

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Translating, tutoring, marketing, promotion, sales, Zumba fitness, Zumba kids

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development workshops, administration and management course, strategic planning workshops. s

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I have built my career in a variety of roles and industries mostly in small companies where I was not just the assistant but also as sales employee, security guard, front desk reception, promoter and marketing employee, customer service, coordinator, freelance translator & Zumba instructor. I am not only used to wearing many hats, I sincerely enjoy it; I thrive in an environment where no two work days are exactly the same. Within these fields I have gained many experiences in human resource policies, procedures and the protocol necessary to proceed with the given responsibility of my career.

I have worked as an assistant for the secretary of the Dean of the Faculty of Arts in Birzeit University for 3 semesters; I am sure you are aware of the flexibility, focus and diplomacy such positions require, and I accomplished all the tasks assigned to me in a professional way. I also worked as an administrative assistant at Hareer Your Wellness Center for 6 months where I had to manage all the financial files, administration files, responding to e-mails and operate all the phone calls providing clients with all information they need or ask for.
I worked too as a coordinator at Farashe Yoga center where I had to review all the received emails, coordinate for new schedule of classes, schedule meetings made between the center and official parties, as well as dealing with the financial files for the payment of the members and the expenses of the center.
As a call center operator in Bolivia I had contributed in empowering the speed of typing, developed the formal method of writing reports, claims, or gratitude messages and gained skills in problem solving, resolve costumer issues. I have gained excellent telephone etiquette, efficiently managing multiple tasks and responsibilities. Moreover, I reduced about 5% of the claims from angry clients for the benefit of DELAPAZ, the electricity company.
In my past, back to my years in Birzeit University I was a student coordinator for several events including the Open Day and the International Day of the faculty of Arts and as a result of these activities I had discovered what I am passionate about more: administration, public relationships and costumer care; with my work ethic you have a well-rounded candidate in which I am considered to be good candidate for any job vacancy , volunteering activities or any conferences I apply for.
I have an extremely strong work ethic and loyalty for the position I hold & the place I am working in. Sometimes I don’t limit myself to provide only the tasks asked to do. I do more than it’s asked for. For example when I worked in a new open gym in Ramallah as a Zumba instructor. They needed a little bit of help in marketing so I did help in promoting and marketing. The gym after awhile gave me a bonus as a way of gratitude.