August 13, 2018 22:48

Hi dear friend! I am really happy for your relevant comments and suggestion for improment to my project. I apologize for the time I was missing because I was not feeling well. Anyway, as a community we need to support each other. Though I could not answers one by one your comments, I took time to vote for you everyday through the links you shared. So, thank you so much for your interest and encouragment. I encourage each one of you to do your best. Futhermore, I commit myself to be your partner even after the voting. I will still lean on your vote for this last two days. Good luck and much love dear fellow.

This is the link of my project if you want to support me :

Best regards,


August 5, 2018 05:47

Hi Kratika Gupta! Thank you for your support and I will do the best I can do to support your idea. Don't worry, I will take time to read your project and will send you my feedback. Until then, good luck and keep up for hard work on your initial idea and systematical thiking. This is the link for my idea


August 5, 2018 05:44

Hi Herinirina Diarisoa! Thank you for your sincere appreciation and I hope that you take advantage of my previous remarks. I intend to bring my support for the development of our country and also lean on your future collaboration. Thank you and keep up for good work. I vote for your idea everyday and I encourage you to do so if you can.

August 5, 2018 05:39

This is the link for my idea if you are convinced to vote for my project. Thank you for your support on voting and on positive remarks that will improve my project.


August 5, 2018 05:36

Hi Mushfika Maisha! Thank you for your interest on my project and for the encouragment. I've voted for your project everyday as I could. For your information and in response to your question, the funding of this project divided in 3 stages. In the first stage, I am looking for some partnership on crowdfunding. Second, we will earn money for the service that our team will offer to public and private sectors: such as training for company on personal development and education for citizenship. Finally, our last stage consist on searching a collaboration with all international organization fighting against corruption or organization towards a peaceful environment. I hope that this explanation will help for better understanding. Good luck for your project. Thank you.

August 5, 2018 05:26

Hi Monica Marcela! Thank you for your comment and I will take time to read your project. Today, I am going to vote for the project and please do as well for mine. I hope that you will work hard for the strenghtening of your idea. Wish you good luck and thank you for your support. This is the link for my idea:


August 5, 2018 05:18

Hi Tolulope Olukokun! Thank you for your encouragement and my purpose is tho have a better world: loyal and committed citizens combined with peaceful environment. I wish that your idea will has an impact for the development of your country first and all around after. Keep up and good luck. I will take time to read your project and I've already vote for it. I would be very glad if you could support me on voting and as well as on suggestion.

August 5, 2018 05:09

Hi Ronald! I have read your comment and thank you for your sincere appreciation. I find also your project really interesting and helpful, that's why i support you everyday as much as possible on voting. I also lean on your support. Thank you and keep up for good work. Your remark is always welcome.

August 5, 2018 05:04

Hi Endrehina. In response to your former comment. Thank you for your concern and I wish that I can take part actively for developing our country. Changing mentality begins from you and I but if we work together, for sure it will have an impact for sector of economy and I find your idea of sharing very helping. Lean on your cooperation for the realization of my project. I will be happy if you still have some ideas for improving my project. Good luck for yours and I always support your idea through voting. Together we can achieve sustainable development!

August 5, 2018 04:56

Hi Edrice Louis! Thank you for your prevous comment. I hope that my project will soon have an impact for private and public sectors. The commitment of all will contribute mainly for the development of our society. Good luck for your project and I encourage you to deepen your initial idea. hope you will be a pilar for developing your country.