Comment on: Water web
July 21, 2018 05:39

Hello Jonathan! Thank you for your kindness and the appropriate comments you sent to me. I had the opportunity to read your project and I find it really interesting because water is vital in our life. I find this project is very inspiring and as you are very young, I think you could accomplish better for the benefit of human sake. I take time to vote for your project every day so please, I invite you to support mine. Hopefully, you will reach your dream. Thanks

Comment on: Trash GPS
July 20, 2018 16:01

Hi Melyati! My name is Marinah and my project is MORE. I have read your project and i can say that, your idea is gorgeous and smart. I can see the importance of this project and by recycling waste, we can protect our environment. It is crucial that we need change our mentality and do not throw garbage everywhere and we should take the example of Japanese people during the world cup. I am convinced that ths is helpful for any household and will create job for our fellow citizens. I had vote for your project because I am for the protection of our environment. I invite you to read my project and vote for it. It would be greatful if you can suggest me some ideas for improvment. Thank you and wish hearing more from you.

July 20, 2018 15:43

Hi Victor! Your project is really interesting and the training that you are going to offer to women farmers would be enjoyable. I appreciate your commitment and I encourage to go for it. Empowering women is great step towards sustainable development because women need equal chance as men in every field. I would say that education and the field of agriculture are key-sectors for development especially in Africa. I enjoy your commitment and wish you the best. I voted for your project and if you have some remarks for improving it, I will be open up to any suggestion. Please, vote for my project MORE, my name is Rajaonarison Solofonirina Mbolatiana Marinah. Thank you.

July 20, 2018 15:18

Hello Endrehina! I think that your project is awesome and will be helpful for young people and whoever looking for a job. I really enjoy your idea of sharing and monitoring people towards enterpreneurship competition. This country needs people like you and I wish that you can make a big difference and develop Madagascar, Africa and some other countries through your project. Wish you could luck. I voted for your project and please read my project for further information and I kindly invite you to vote for it. As we are young people, I wish we could help each other and share experiences. Therefore, I am waiting for any remarks or comments from you. Thanks in advance.

July 20, 2018 15:07

Hi Preksha Nahta! I really enjoy your idea for empowering women and girls. I have read your project and I am totally convinced that education is the basis of human blossoming and for the sustainable development we would like to achieve. I can say to you that I have a little experience on gender equality as my object study was about it. I just have some remarks for you: it would be better if you could consider the gender male in your project because gender equality means equal chance for men and women. Keep up with it and don't give up. We as women and our ideas are important for the development for our own country first and can bring change from neighborhood countries. I voted for your project and I am waiting for your comments about my project. Feel free to send any comments for the improvment and I hope that you will vote for my project. Thank you.

July 20, 2018 14:49

Hi Mamhoud Saleh! I have read your project and it is interesting. I agree with you about the commitment for everything we do. If we seek for real development we have to be committed and being a model in whatever we do. So, I share the same value with in my project. I voted for your project and i kindly invite you to vote for this project. It would be greatful if you have some idea or any remarks so that I can improve my project. Wish you the best lack for tourism because it is a key-sector for the development. I am Marinah and my project is MORE, it is a mobile apps that will fight against corruption and encourages people to be committed and to have a moral engagement. Thank you.

July 20, 2018 14:25

Hi Samuel! As young as you are, I appreciate your hear for making this world much better. I have read your project and you are right when saying that young people need orientation and training and especially in the field of enterpreneurship. I agree with you when you say that we are the leader of tomorrow, I would say we are the leader of the present and we can bring change from now so that the future of our generation inherit a better world. I voted for your project and share the same value and i would like to invite you to read my project and vote for it. My name is Rajaonarison Marinah and my project is a creation of a mobile apps MORE. Any comments or positive remarks for improvement are welcome. Go for it. Thank you

July 20, 2018 14:01

Hello! Thanks for your kindly remarks Jonathan and Omar. I appreciate your friendship and your willingness to help me. I will take time to read your projects and will give appropriate feedback for an exchange of experience. Keep up with your brilliant ideas and I will lean on each of you to vote for my project. Thank you. Best regards