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THE SCHOLAR (education beyond certificate)

THE SCHOLAR is an annual intercollegiate competition with the aim of instigating, initiating, supporting and compensating creativity and innovation in Nigerian higher institutions. The main aim of the competition is to bridge the gap between our universities and the universe of our cities, to tear down this examination preparation edifice we have built and build a knowledge acquisition structure, which in turn confers wisdom to the lives of our youth. We intend to achieve this by organizing a competition where college students are to use their academic projects to solve a problem in their immediate environment, these competition will be carried out in various stages IE departmental, facultative and institutional and the best from each school will later be judged on a nationwide basis, based on various categories. The eventual winner will have won a handsome cash prize for himself, his project supervisor, his department, his faculty and his institution along with the prestige of being the SCHOLAR OF THE YEAR! This competition is to be televised across the country and the hoi polloi involved in the winner selection process. The scholar's invention/innovation and that of other noteworthy participant will then be put up for investment and the resultant product marketed, hereby creating jobs for the creators/innovators and everyone employed in the creation process.

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