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I am a passionate nurse whose primary carrier objective is to see people happy as i contribute towards general healthy living. As a growing child, I always found joy in helping others than I wanted to be helped. This passion took me into studying nursing at the university of Ghana where I earned bachelor degree in nursing and psychology. As a nurse, a had the opportunity to serve both weak and vulnerable persons (patients) either at the bedside,in emergency situations or in the community educating. I have worked with both local and international health organisations where I broadened my insight in my profession. I have also assumed middle management roles, further helping me appreciate human relationship and problem solving. In pursuit of my objectives, I applied and received a scholarship to study a public health specialisation in healthcare policy, innovation and management at Maastricht university in the Netherland. For my research thesis, I conducted a qualitative study on barriers to utilisation of facility-based delivery services among a range of stakeholders in rural northern Ghana (Bongo district, upper east region). My findings, coupled with previous ideas led me to explore sustainable ideas at empowering women in these communities economically while serving other useful human and community needs. I am currently experimenting at rudimentary level a concept that could serve a perfect replacement for charcoal in those areas so as to provide alternative economic activities to these women while minimising environmental hazards resulting from the current tree felling for charcoal. My desire is to find funding and coaching to help me realise this promising idea.

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