• Martin/Nyefene posted an update in the group Entrepreneurship Campus 2 years, 11 months ago

    Just got my idea approved into the competition, still completing the process.
    Am new, wondering how to know who is voting you or how many votes you have

    • Thank Dielamo for your reply. I tried also to search for my project but doesn’t show up. May be you know something about this also. Are you able to read about my project from the group of projects here?

    • Dielamo pls i need your help my idea was just accepted yesterday, but i dont know how to go about the voting process, my friends i send the link to for dem to vote me is saying dey are requiring password, pls must someone register to be able to vote, pls if no how will i go about it, my idea is on waste clinical insurance, and pls vote for my idea and also tell me how i can vote for ppl, thanks and God bless

    • Hello Dielamo,
      Could you explain how I could publish it? because I completed the application on the site and it was evaluated and approved, so am not sure about the publishing process. Kindly respond to me text with some assistance regarding the publishing.
      Thank you for answering our questions.

    • Dielamo,
      Am online now. Could respond to my message? Thank you.

    • Yes I did that and saved my progress when I was improving my idea till I had the entire project, then I submitted again. I then got the final approval. Am not sure what exactly to do, but may be with further explantion from you I will get there

    • oh I see it now. So I did it. Could you check again if you see my project. I really appreciate your assistance

    • @ Dielamo, thank you again for your continuous assistance. I have a new problem: I have sent out the link to friends to vote me. I am getting messages from the that they are not able to vote because the system tell them they are sharing same IP. How do I resolve this? It appears like when one person votes, the next person cant vote from the same server or so which I do not understand how that can be. Please help me out again. Additionally the link to following and reacting to the comments sent to me is not clickable.

    • But can the person vote later from the site. Otherwise what is the solution. Imagine I have colleagues at the same place on the same server. How do I get all to, vote. I really hope this is resolvable, bcs this is a big challenge now