August 31, 2016 06:26

Thank you everyone for your comments. They keep me motivated.

@ Emmanuel, I appreciate your words and confidence in this project.

@ Erika, thank you for your continuous support in this project. I appreciate.

August 28, 2016 18:04

Very great concept. Makes sense reading your problem analysis. It is in line with this that health informatics programs should be introduced or reintroduced in their right content in developing countries. In deed as ICT knowledge base is increasing in Africa, steps as this one, can make a great difference in health information management especially relating to maternal/reproductive health.

Good job bros!!

August 26, 2016 11:54

Thank you all once again.

@ Rifky, first of all, I also want to thank for your confidence in this project. Thank you for your emphasis on the Oxford Business Group report in relation to our solution.
Regarding your question of figures of cost and expected returns, my answer is YES. We do have a well mapped cost elements (variable and fixed cost plus overhead) in their respective amounts as well as expected revenue or returns.

Our production cost is quite small, involving mostly the variable cost elements (land clearing/ploughing, bedding, seedling/planting, weeding, harvesting, bagging and transport). Some variable costs for example, seedlings, are reducible in year two of operations as the farmers will be able to generate their own seedlings.

Fixed costs identified are mostly site, machinery and a proposed closed system (to contain CO2) if carbonisation of our product will be necessary.

For our planned production upscale of 20 acres, our estimated cost (variable) is GHC 10100 ( 2262.00). For this, our estimated revenue is GHC20,000, (4478.50), estimations based on current local charcoal prices (using the lowest price we can offer of our product) and yield per acre. Revenue is realisable in second year of operations after deductions of fixed cost. (though we hoping to get some of the fixed cost sponsored).
Consultations with agronomists and other agricultural experts indicate that we could obtain more yields per acre with plant modification. In this sense, we will be increasing our revenue while cost may stay same or increase marginally. We also arrived at an impressive ROI.

I hope I have answered your question with this explanations. Details of this and ROI, can be offered when necessary.
Thank you.

Comment on: Africa Health Website
August 24, 2016 21:17

Well done Musa!
A nice and great idea coming from a motivated African youth. Congratulations.
My suggestions to you however is that, as a start up, perhaps you could limit your goal to a smaller group and work from there based on your performance and room for growth. Targeting gathering health information on the entire continent is laudable but a very huge task to face (availability of and legality regarding accessing data to furnish your site from respective countries, among others).
Additionally, as a health professional, though I agree with you regarding making health information needs accessible via internet, given the circumstance, our system and current level of development might not favour this that much, as a practical way to make it "ACCESSIBLE". Whiles majority can read and write, only a few can appreciate such information on the site even where they can access it. Therefore, I recommend perhaps, you consider a combination of this with more locally and culturally feasible approaches.

Comment on: Project Dignity
August 24, 2016 20:07

Congratulations! This is a great course. Good luck my sister.

August 24, 2016 18:41

Great thinking to addressing environmental health quality. In as much as "free range shitting" (as my people call it) contributes to fertilising farm lands, the practice as well, could be blamed as possibly contributing to most food and water borne diseases at close or from distant range. My assumption is that the "shit" potentially carrying some bacteria can be washed into our water bodies, either close by us or even far away in other communities. You have a laudable idea. Just as you advised me not to give up on my project, I offer you same advice no matter the outcome from this competition.

August 24, 2016 17:53

@ Elia,
Congratulations for your project. Read about your goal and I find it a good one. Focusing and concentrating on one area and specialising in making multiple product brands from the same raw material is indeed a good entrepreneurial thinking. I am convinced your goal is realisable. Do not give up not give up, is the best motivational advice you can receive from a well wisher.
Good luck!

August 22, 2016 21:52

Hello Etornam, I just read your idea. Very inspiring one. I am enthused about the Vitamin A fortification thought. Really innovative! As a health professional, I really understand the important role vitamin A plays in the immunity regulation process. Thumps up! As a suggestion however, perhaps you could bring out a bit more scientific argument supporting gari contributing to blindness, this could help. Most people might not know gari in the first place, therefore also might find it difficult to relate the information. So my suggestion is to abridge this gab a bit. I hope my comments helps.

August 20, 2016 12:53

Thank you all my supporters. I really appreciate your comments.

@Adina, great to have your comment here. I appreciate your words. But as you can read, so much has happened concerning our progress, and am convinced that this platform is just the RIGHT place to help find the RIGHT type of investors for this socially and all integrated start-up.

Thank you all, for your wonderful comments, they keep me going.

August 8, 2016 13:37

It is always inspiring and motivating to know that people share your thinking and objectives. I feel completely glad to read all of your motivating comments. I am grateful for your support and am convinced we will get there together.