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My expert skills is an agricultural business initiative that seeks to alleviate food poverty in Nigeria and Africa at large; and in so doing, provide jobs for the populace. We are looking at poultry (broiler) production solely for the purpose of meat production. We are putting in a strategy that will put us over the edge and at an advantage when compared to other poultry farm owners. This is to reduce unnecessary wastage and economic loss. Once the birds are matured and ready for consumption, that is they have attained table size, we slaughter them from the farm at a section known as the slaughter slab, then take them to the blasting section, blast the chicken and then to the cold room where they will be kept and preserved while our customers come for pick up. The cold room will will be positioned in a place that will be easily accessible to our potential customers. We look forward to contacting hotels, restaurants, eateries other businesses, retailers and organisations that will be needing our services. With time we will venture into livestock production as well; such as cattle, goats, sheeps etc. solely for the purpose of meat production. And same procedures as above will be observed. Once they are matured and have attained a desired weight gain, we slaughter and prepare for the cold room while our customers come to get them.. Our major challenge is setting up a cold room that is of standard and that will meet up with our aim. With time also, we will venture into production of food crops and cash crops. We will make a network with companies that will be needing our farm produce for further processing. If we cannot meet up with the companies demands, we intend to make a network with local farmers where we register them and buy their farm produce at good price and then in return sell to these companies.

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what I need to round up and complete my project is a cold room, a blasting machine and a refrigerator truck.

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I have held several leadership positions from secondary school up to higher institution. Because of this I have been able to ground myself in knowing how to manage people, and make things happen. I have had several awards from most well behaved, best in health education
All of this put together is an added advantage for me. I believe it will help me to successfully execute my passion.

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Mary Joseph


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