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Computer Literacy in: Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS); STATA; CsPRO; Word Press; Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel. I am a social & business entrepreneur – co founder of an NGO & start up currently operational in 4 different African countries. Also I am published Author of a Business Book and An Advert Blogger

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Human Resource (Marketing); Teachers/Tutors for Academic Content Creation for our Learning Management System

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My background is in data statistics and analysis, and in the past few years I have turned my focus to database management and developing business performance methodologies and monitoring plans.

I am fortunate enough to have co-founded worked for ‘Book-IT Zambia’ As its Chief Operations Officer for 5 years. Book-It Zambia Limited is an Education-Technology firm that provides educational institutions with a cloud-based Learning Management System (LMS).

I am a volunteer of PeaceX International Organization, a member group of UNEP & MGCY where I volunteer as the Vice-Chairperson of Research and Development

In addition, I am also an affiliated volunteer of Red Cross Society Zambia, in youth programs development and data research and analysis. Furthermore, I am the co-founder of a small community initiative called ‘Mind -Works Zambia,’ a Non-Governmental Organization engaged in developing programs and material to increase awareness on mental health and sustainable development in Zambia.

I am a holder of a Bachelor of Arts Undergraduate Degree in Demography, and I remain passionate about pursuing a career.

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