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Life coaching, moptivational speakling and Teaching

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Am 22 years old, from Nibo in Awka south local government Area, Anambra State Nigeria. i have a diploma in information technology and have undergone training in human resource development. but presently, am pursuing my B.SC program in business education.i was the senior school prefect in my primary school. i was the class prefect from jss1-ss2 in my secondary school before i was now given the school function as library/laboratory prefects.
I love God and humanity, and due to the pain of seeing how the youth’s are wasting their talents seeking job and begging, I’ve dedicated my life in stopping that by empowering and sensitizing them through seminars, conferences and workshops.

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Princewell Nwoye


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The main objective of this organization is to educate, train and help bring out the best in the youths by educating them on how to fight poverty and attain success in order to be self independent and move the nation forward. The activities of this organization is to gather people of different class in the world, mostly the youths and low class people in the society and educate them on how to fight poverty by being self independent. innovative approaches towards this, is that i will be conducting seminars, conferences, workshops and also writing a simple books of few pages in order to sensitize them on the importance of using their gifts to move their nations forward because the success of a nation depends largely on the youths . And you can easily notice the sub-organization which is "LOVE FOR THE NEEDY" this is designed to run with "SANCTUARY FOR ALL NATIONS" in which their main aim and goal is to help the less privileges, the needy, the fatherless and motherless and also the motherless homes. in this, the money realized from sanctuary for all nation will be used in financing these type of people in the society.

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