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Ermon Masemola


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Investor , community developer and an Entrepreneur, Patron and founder of Seed to a flower npo and pty Ltd.

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Serurubele the solar car is a project incubated by the Innovation Hub and sponsored by TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) in partnership with the UJ (University of Johannesburg) under the PEETS (Process Energy Environmental Technology Station). Through this project, skills were also transferred to the exchanged students from Netherlands (Dalft University). Our mission is to get engineering students from the university to work with us on this project and for them to gain practical experience while doing theory to move the project E-Car mobility forward. We would be delighted to gain support with the bicycle sponsorship to head start our business by turning the bicycles to electricity mobility for vegetable sales. As we started working with the Netherlands students on the mobility project.
The the e-mobility concept has been derived with close link to local vendors, roof top farms in the city and farming communities to suit local needs. A true multi-purpose solar vehicle.