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Entrepreneural skills,Good fiancial skillls,Good management skills,Good analytical skills

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Green houses are very ideal in areas like nakuru because of unreliable rains.Nakuru is very fertile and this makes this project viable.Some of the items required include: green house building materials,water tanks,farm inputs fertilizer,quality seeds,capital for costs for land preparation,wages,and transportaion of farm inputs

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Am a small scale farmer born and bred in Nakuru and with an ambition to improve the quality and quantity of farm produce in nakuru through the use of greenhouses in kelelwet -Nakuru west sub county which is endowed with rich agricultural soil and which is good for farming.I studied Masters in strategic management at JKUAT nakuru campus(2014) and this has helped me to think strategically in regards to better and efficient ways of establishing methods of increasing financial resources and improving the welfare of community members through sustainable agricultural techniques or smart farming.
I also hold a finance degree from Kabarak university(2010).This equiped me with entrepreneural skills which is very important when starting up a business in this case for social change.
I also hope to provide employment opportunities to community members