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Ecologist and developer of recycling softwareje

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Some money to invest in computers of last generation

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Other Information TECNÓLOGO in the technical table AD-HOC, realized by FUNDACITE.

CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION I Race of Ecological Orientation National Park Macarao Los Teques from 25 to 26 August 2012.
RECOGNITION Bayer Environmental Youth Meeting of the Year 2013.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION in the event 2×1 Environmental Strengths and Challenges of the VPDS.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION Education for Sustainability: Practices and contents that the School Can Integrate. Months April, May and June 2014 (60 hours total). Virtual course of continuing education in education. University of San Andrés. Argentina.
PARTICIPATION IN QUALITY OF ASSISTANT course-workshop Training of Youth Environmental Entrepreneurs. In charge of Vitalis.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATIONI Forum of Geographic Space and National Identity Framed in the Plan of the Motherland. UNELLEZ
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION Award My Sustainable Business. Provita. Caracas April 26, 2014.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION Personal Growth Workshop. TADEHU. Barinas August 16 and 17, 2014.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION Workshop Business Model CANVAS. Young United Nations. San Cristóbal23 August 2014.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION 3rd. Sustainable Cities Forum “Green Technologies – Responsible Companies – Commitment of All”. CAVENAL. Place: IESA. Saint Bernardine. Caracas11th September 2014.
BAYER and VITALIS award RECOGNITION for their outstanding participation in the first edition of the BAYER YOUNG COMMUNITY INNOVATORSBYCI competition. CARACAS OCTOBER 10, 2014.
E-MOOC CERTIFICATE http://WWW.E-MOOC.COM Validation of Customers. Year 2014 Verification: http://www.sinaturas.com/en/cve/A8F70FB3-4C6F-4BC5-8C37-31C07E21E4BF
BBVA Provincial Foundation grants the present RECOGNITION to: SICTEP Network Plan finalist of the competition act and start in its second edition. 2014

The organizing committee of the V Annual Prize of Ecoefficiency and Cleaner Production certifies that Mauro Torres has been awarded in the category Innovation of the Year. Caracas November 28, 2014.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION 1 Environmentalist Meeting #Power Shift Venezuela. 04.05 and 06 Dec. 2014.
CERTIFIED convergent visions to face climate change, February 6, 2015. Auditorium of the Chamber of Industrialists of the Carabobo state.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION with First Place of the Second Edition of the 2015 Sustainable Business Award, promoted by Provita ONG, Emprered and Citi.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION Course-Workshop Leadership to generate trust in the Entrepreneurship by Vitalis and the ABC of Youth Venture, Caracas June 27, 2015.
CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION 4th. Sustainable Cities Forum “Waste and Waste Management. Water treatment”. CAVENAL. Place: IESA. Saint Bernardine. Caracas, June 18, 2015.
FUNDASUCRE AWARDS THIS CERTIFICATE TO: Mauro Alexis Torres Martínez for his participation in the 1st contest of the “Ingénietelas para Ganar” change made in Caracas on the 20th day of August of the Year 2015to.
OVJNU AWARDS THE PRESENT CERTIFICATE: Mauro Torres for his participation in the national SUMMER SUMMER 2015 held in the city of Chichiriviche, Falcón-Venezuela. With a Duration of 20 Hours from 23 to 25 October 2015.
Venezuela No Limits RECOGNIZE: Mauro Torres as a social entrepreneur VSL – Innovative Idea. Caracas November 12, 2015.
GIST Tech – I Recommendation “American Association for the Advancement of Science” Competition 2016.
REDIR In recognition of their participation as a finalist of the TIC Americas 2016. Dominican Republic, June 11 2016.
THE CORPORATION BASURA_CERO COLOMBIA certifies that Mauro Torres participated in the II virtual school Recycling and Sustainability. Held from 18 to 22 July 2016.

BAYER S.A. Certify that: Mauro Torres I participate in the forum Innovation for a Better Life held on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Lima, Peru
BAYER S.A. Certify that: Mauro Torres I participate in the forum Innovation for a Better Life held on Tuesday, October 18, 2016. Lima, Peru

BAYER S.A. Congratulates MAURO TORRES winner of Bayer Young Community Innovators 2016 for his leadership and social entrepreneurship with the community.

CERTIFICATE OF PARTICIPATION is granted to Mauro Torres Martínez / REDIR Venezuela for being selected as one of the most innovative startups in Latin America and the Caribbean and for participating in Idear Soluciones and in the night of emprendimiento 2016 Inter-American Development Bank Buenos Aires Argentina 16 November 2016

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mauro alexis torres martinez