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I was born in 1978 in Kisangani, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. I came to Kenya in 1997, as a result of a civil war in my native county, and acquired a citizenship. In 2001, I graduated in social studies from technical Institute in Nairobi. I launched my first social enterprise in 2006 in Kibera slum, Nairobi where we addressed the problem of youth gangs. In 2011, I moved to Emali, a rural town in Makueni county, Kenya. After observing the serious problem of unemployment facing the youth in general and particularly worse the plight of female youth to secure decent employment due to gender-based disparities, I launched MavunoBiz (Mavuno Business System) in September 2014; a social enterprise that addresses specifically the crippling problem of female youth unemployment in Makueni county with the view of expanding it to other counties. Mavunobiz is running up to date and I serve as the overall coordinator. It’s been officially recognized by Senator Mutula Kilonzo Junior, the current senator for Makueni county. I’m married and a father of two sons.

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Marcel Musyoki