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Sumit Tripathi


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ORHome: The Self-Sufficient Nursing Home & Orphanage For a Better World

Initially, orphanage and nursing home are considered separate entities, even though the functions and the needs of the members are more identical than different, namely the needs for love and care. The elderly, as we know, were the one who shape the society we lived in today, they possess a vast amount of knowledge and experiences, regardless of their education backgrounds. On the other hand the orphans are our societys future, they can be one of the people along with many other children to shape and direct the future of the society we live in today had they the chance to live normally in a family. Why should we, who constantly seek new ways to improve the world were living in, neglected these forces which can help us fulfil our goals? Is there no way to help stop or curb down the rate of orphans who will end up being prostitutes or criminals? In this project, we decided to merge the two entities to see if it can help create a better model. This new type of nursing home will group and match the elderly people and orphans with similar needs and interested together in order to create a number of small family units. The elderly will act as guardians to the orphans. There will also be nurses and volunteers, who can help mediate and take care of other things such as teaching the kids, cleaning and organizing events to help ice-break and bond the relations. The elderly with experiences and talents can help teach the kids and serve the communities through his or her expertise as a mean of living. The kids will be encouraged to hone their talents and skills through public services and voluntary work as well as the right to be educated.

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