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My name is Maxime Munyampirwa, I am 24, majoring in communication at the University of Rwanda. I am a communication and marketing enthusiast, entrepreneur, author and poet.
My favorite quote is ‘Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’— Mahatma Gandhi. Every time I encounter a challenge, I recall that quote and it alleviates the frustration while triggering creative ideas to tackle that challenge.
My mother instilled an entrepreneurial and responsible mindset in me at a very young age. She would always say, “Ntugatume ibyawe byangirika” which translates into, “Don’t let anything that involves you fall apart, even when you’re not the one responsible.” So I would always look for solutions to all problems that affected me even in the smallest ways.
I have experience in event management and marketing. I worked with RG Consult Inc, a marketing firm based in Rwanda, part time for four years. I also founded Yart (The Youth and Art), an art business in 2016 which is not currently running.
I received a certificate of appreciation for organising a competition, ‘Indashyikirwa Elites Competition’ at the University of Rwanda in November 2016.
In February this year, I published my debut book, a collection of poems, The Noise of Midnight Thoughts.

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Maxime Munyampirwa