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I am thrilled to express my interest in this programme and as well excited to participate I believe my strong communication and time-management skills will help me excel if I am being considered. As a graduate of Business Management from the University of Uyo, I gained strong hands-on writing, researching, human and financial management experience. As a Team lead of the school cafeteria coordination team, I manage resources in running the cafeteria profitably for school during my serving period. I can apply these same skills to create thoughtful and engaging administrations for any SME/organization. My dedication to research and finishing projects within tight deadlines make me one of the perfect candidates for this programme. I will be very excited to learn more about the programme and to develop my skills further.

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Owning a Cassava Cultivation Farm and Garri Processing Mill

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Mrs. May Bassey Job (Bsc. Business Management) National Diploma in Food Technology and Food processing, Member Nigeria Institute of Management I have gained some handfull experiences to thrive my business to success

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