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I love inventions, I love to programming and to bit electronics parts together to make a new tool to help me in my daily life.

I´m constantly looking for

I need support from companies specialized in astronomy and from space agencies so they can start building a new rocket with my idea to prevent causing new space debris when launching the rocket to space.

My profile

1. Participant at the ISEF 2018 International Science and Engineering Fair, held in Pittsburgh, PA.
2. Get the first place in the Intel ISEF International competition in Palestine joint venture with the project of “blind cane” for the year 2018.
3. Participate in AI AI FAMILY CHALLENGE Artificial Intelligence with the theme of “Skin Cancer Detection” 2019.
4. Participate in the challenge of reading Arabic for the year 2019 at the school level.
5. Participation in the Arab Innovation Network Conference 2018 and won an award with the DMZ.
6. Belsa Competition 2018-2019

Training Courses:
1. Advanced course in English Ilets.
2. Software course through the American House in Ramallah.
3. Multiple courses of mental intelligence and mathematics.
4. Specialized programming course
5. First aid course
6. Training entrepreneur with Flow Entrepreneurship Program

Volunteering and community service
1. Cleaning the neighborhood in cooperation with the Khaliha Ahla campaign, which was established by the Municipality of Al-Zawia – Salfit.
2. Volunteering in the care of the elderly, the Arab Women’s Association for the Care of the Elderly, Ramallah.
3. Volunteering in the library Betunia.
4. Participation in the annual charity bazaar.

I am..

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Mays/ Hussein

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