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Startup Ecosystem Builder, Community Builder, Speaker, Startup Judge, Mentor, Catalyst for Africa's Economic Development, Inclusive Economy, Innovation Economy Strategist, Systems Thinker & Leader

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Mckevin Ayaba is an Ecosystem Builder, Catalyst for
Africa’s Economic Development, Innovation Economy
Strategist, Speaker, Startup Judge, Humanitarian
and a Serial Entrepreneur. He is very passionate about
entrepreneurship especially entrepreneurship education
and the development of the Entrepreneurship and
Innovation Ecosystem in Africa. He enjoys assisting and
supporting startup founders/owners to understand, grow,
and advance their businesses.
He was one of the five winners of the 2015 inaugural Festival of Ideas competition
organised by the Gordon Institute of Business Science department of Social
Entrepreneurship looking for the best candidate with the best idea that impacts the
He is the CEO of Setup A Startup. Setup A Startup is a non for profit organisation
that works with communities that support entrepreneurship with a mission to
support startups and foster an inclusive and sustainable entrepreneurship and
innovation ecosystem across Africa.
The organisation activities focus on strengthening organizations and programs that
allow entrepreneurs to develop knowledge and skills, start a new business, or grow
an existing one; and strengthening communities to have more supportive
environments for entrepreneurs, including policies, practices, and programs.
As an Ecosystem Builder, Mckevin wears many hats, he is the Founder of Africa
Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Builders Summit which brings together the nation’s top
ecosystem builders and national ecosystem support organizations to convene
conversations, gain insight from real-world case studies and explores and experience
new communities, against the backdrops of some of the nation’s top emerging
He is the Africa Ambassador for Global Startup Awards and the Founder of Southern
Africa Startup Awards. The Global Startup Awards provides an annual spotlight on
startups in regions across the globe. The awards stand to represent the entire startup
and tech community – from the startups themselves, through to the people behind
them, & the organisations that work alongside these visionaries to make the great
things possible.
He is a humanitarian and a staunch advocate for entrepreneurship and innovation education & is personally committed to empowering the youths. Over the years, he
has dedicated his time to mentoring & supporting the underprivileged. The House of
Hope orphanage with over 30 kids he co-founded in 2013 was born out of his
dedication to social justice.
He was honoured as a Global Goodwill Ambassador in 2018 by the Global Goodwill
Ambassadors Foundation for his humanitarian work with the orphanage and
Named Top African 500 Doers by Tropics Magazine in 2019 for his work in
supporting African Startups and fostering a conducive entrepreneurship and
innovation ecosystem in Africa.
He was recently, September 2020 appointed as the World Business Angels
Investment Forum International Partner for South Africa
Mckevin, has participated as a Judge, Speaker, and Panellist at over 200 events across
Africa, Asia and Europe. His topics includes but not limited to Entrepreneurship,
Ecosystem Building, Startups and Innovation, 4IR, Digital Economy, Diversity, Culture
and Inclusion, Women in Tech (Inclusive Economy), Access to Market and Capital,
and Policy with a focus on Africa
Mckevin is an MCSE, CISSP & an IT Consultant by profession with a graduate degree
in entrepreneurship coupled with multiple certifications in Information Technology
and Startup Ecosystems building

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McKevin Ayaba