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embedded systems, Radio systems , LED sinage and power electronics

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Talla Brian Monde is a Cameroonian born on the fourteenth of April 1983. I have from childhood always loved technology and science always ask so many questions trying to find out how things work and why things happen learning what others have done and trying to do things my own way. My educational career below has helped to develop this talent in me.
– CAP in electrical equipment technology
– Probatoire Technique F2 Electronics
– Baccalaureat Technique F2 Electronics
– ATD in Electronic engineering theory from the City & Guilds of London
– ATD in engineering project from the City & Guilds of London

As a young guy in the secondary school I discovered that the only electronic service provided in my country was maintenance. Knowing that I was creative, I started thinking of how I could come up with an electronic systems design company in my country. This became my vision so in school I was studying not to have the certificate but to be able to realize my vision I read extensively and did allot of experiments. Early 2009 my vision became a reality I started producing electronic control modules on command for companies and individuals with the trade mark TBM ELECTRONICS. September 2010 I change the company name to Microelectronic Engineering Cameroon (MECAM) Mbariko Bambot Armstrong Joined the company.

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Talla Brian Monde