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Entrepreneur, Systems Engineer, Innovator, ICT Consultant, Business Developer and Thought Leader

Victor Shabani currently holds computer science majors in electronic commerce and business management, with over 14 years’ extensive business experience in the ICT space as a systems engineer, business development manager, technology entrepreneur and thought leader.
Mr. Shabani has had extensive business development experience participating, engaging and leading in disruptive technology businesses such as Kazang Botswana, Spachee, Mobile Money Services etc. As we as deploying complex Performance Management & Learning Managemenr Systems for the likes of BIHL, BDC, Debswana etc.

As an ICT consultant in the digital transformation, 4IR, and digital economy business models, practices and approaches – Victor has played a significant role in advising technology projects as well as eLearning, digital induction, digital literacy, and transformation projects. He has successfully participated in the delivery and development of projects in both private and public sector such as BURS, MESA, SADC, MLH, MEDCOM, WildFire, BONASO etc.

As ICT consultant, thought leader and contributor to technology development trends in the country and abroad, Victor Shabani has had a long history, and continues to participate in conversations on national radio (RB1, RB2, DumaFM, GabzFM), television (Btv, eBotswana), as well both local and international conferences such as the IWG WIS 2017, the 2018 International ICT For Sustainable Development Conference and Dakar 2nd African Union (AU) Electronic Commerce Conference 2020 among others as both thought leading panelist and/or discussant.

In his time as entrepreneur, Victor Shabani holds a 2010 Ministry of Trade Award for Best Youth Led Business in the Service Providers Sector, a 2015 KBL Kickstart Award, and 2016 Grand Thorntorn Business Award participation recognition. He also has taken a strong interest in entrepreneurship development projects and initiatives to the extent of founding an innovators trust known as the The Hunt Foundation.

As part of his continued and personal development agenda. Victor has completed Skillsoft- digital courses on RFID Technology, Blockchain Technology, Internet of Things, Digital Transformation, Business Intelligence, BIG Data, Business Administration, Negotiation Skills and more. At the present moment he is now taking courses in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Analytics.

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