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Priya Meghnadevi Raghoobar


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Sustainable Development Practices and Small Island Development States

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Meghna has 4 years of substantial experience of working directly with youth on sustainable development projects. Based on her past community experiences, in May 2013, she was selected by UNESCO as the youth facilitator and coordinator for the Atlantic, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean and Southern Chinese Sea (AIMS) regional youth meeting/workshop which took place in Seychelles. Before that regional workshop, she followed youth facilitation/leadership training, sponsored and offered by UNICEF Pacific and UNESCO in Fiji. She is also an ardent researcher in sustainable development, entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship and youth. Her research credentials strengthen her active membership in the Global Shapers Community – an initiative of the World Economic Forum for youth who have demonstrated leadership skills and are positive change-makers in their communities.

She is currently contributing in the elaboration of the Small Island Development States (SIDS) Youth Network to regroup all the SIDS regional youth in the Caribbean, Pacific and AIMS region with UNESCO. She is also working towards the creation of an NGO for SIDS Youth in the AIMS region, which will be a think-tank and platform for young people regarding advocacy, community work and research on sustainable island living and she is in the organising team for the side event for youth for 3rd International SIDS Conference in Apia, Samoa in Sept 2014.

She works as an intern at the Indian Ocean Commission (IOC) – an intergovernmental agency which works on social and environmental projects. Her main responsibility at IOC is to assist in the logistic of regional conferences and workshop as well as to work on the SIDS agenda for 2014 regarding youth empowerment, entrepreneurship and social entrepreneurship and sustainable development.

Meghna has a BSc (hons) in Sociology, from University of Mauritius, and holds a lifetime membership at the World Tae-Kwon-Do Federation where she has a red belt.