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My idea is to have a social platform so as to support the victims of acid attack. For the people living in developing nations, it is very common to hear about the news of women being victims of such hideous attacks. My idea to financially support them is a simple yet effective one to help such women and to move them out of grief.This idea can be completed by getting some financiers and supporters.

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'Saving face'-A platform to support the acid-attack victims

The main objective behind this idea is to support the victims of acid attack. The idea is to have a social networking site where the victims of acid attack can fill the form indicating the place where they have been attacked, the intensity level, nationality and the money they want to get treatment/operation etc. This website will enable others to view their forms and to donate them money in order to support them. This is an innovative approach in order to improve the status of women in the developing nations like Pakistan, India, Afghanistan etc. where hundreds of girls and women suffer from this hideous attack. This will be a way to help support the poor girls/women who cannot afford the treatments and have to live with the scars forever.

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