• Meher Bano Mirzayee posted an update 2 weeks ago

    Better quality of life
    Physical look and manner of clothing plays an important role in humans’ life. Our wearing is a part of our personality and describes human character. The difference between poor and rich is in their clothing style. Rich people tempt to buy fancy and expensive clothes while a poor person style of clothing is different. Actually, they (poor people) don’t have money to spend it in buying fancy clothes. If a beggar get the chance to wear that fancy cloth no one will be able to differentiate a rich or poor person. It is the wearing which shows who is rich and who is poor.
    Moreover, our wearing can positively impact on our mentality and our behavior. People in academic or formal clothes tend to behave professional the same as their outfit. For instance, in my university life as a business student, I use to wear professional and formal dress the time I use to have presentation and exams. The reason is, qualified clothing makes me to behave well-mannered and professional, this behavior was one which motivates me to give my 100 percent and succeed in all my presentations, public speaking and exams.
    Also, according to psychology our outfit matters for being accepted in the society. There are several social experiments conducted by researchers and psychologists regarding importance of clothing in our society. People are egger to assist and be friendly to those who are good looking rather than those who has no idea of apparel and manner of dressing.
    If clothing plays this much important role in our life, what is the fault of those poor people who are not financially stable and has no money to buy clothes for themselves. There are people who spend the whole week even whole month wearing one single cloth. How unfair this world is, one is crying for not having clothes while his/her cupboard is full of clothes, and one who spend whole his/her life with few clothes. In some countries, like Africa, India, and etc. poor young people spend whole life naked, and holding only a small piece of cloth covered their main body parts. Clothing of those people shows that there is poverty, and it (importance of cloth) is one part (1/100) of poverty. Removing this 1% of poverty is possible and very easy, if we all humans feel responsibility for each other and for each human in this world.
    It says that sharing is caring, if we care for human kind we should share our sorrows and happiness with each other. Here, I am not asking to share your happiness, on the other hand I am asking to share those clothes which are extra and worthless for you. This extra thing can bring a huge smile for the second person’s life and can safe their life in different seasons. This is how we all humans can have a better quality of life, receiving clothes will help them to feel good about themselves.