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Ayisha Ferreira


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Cookie Jar Plus

Cookie Jar Plus is a bakery initiative which stemmed from a family idea a little over a decade ago. The initiative was to bake pastries and bakers confectioneries for health conscious friends and customers. We aim to create and cater healthy treats for local, regional, and international customers. Our goal is to bring about economic growth by creating employment, building sustainable living and development of the agricultural sector in my country. Cookie Jar Plus stands as a model for aspiring entrepreneurs in third world countries. In the initial stage of our project we intend to utilize composite flours extracted from breadfruit and yams as the main ingredients in our products. We also intend to introduce an alternative for people with gluten allergies and health conscious persons to enjoy delicious tasty treats. The specific yam variety we intend to use is (Dioscorea Trifida/Dominica ) which we are cultivating for yam flour production. This particular yam variety has been overlooked therefore through this project we will be able to make a difference and add value to the yam product. We also intend to use other crops such as Breadfruit, Indian Almond, and other local fruits which are in abundance on the island especially the highly underutilized Indian Almond. After the manufacturing stage, Cookie Jar Plus intend to introduce our products through media advertisements and educational programs on the health benefits to build a health conscious customers base. This project has great potential as an income earner for approximately seven thousand farmers who had to abandon their banana cultivation.

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