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Melisa Boutin


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personal finance education, financial planning and a professional background in engineering design and project management

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mentoring, partnership opportunities, white-label banking service

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My name is Melisa Boutin and I am passionate about empowering millennials in the Caribbean and the North American diaspora through increased financial literacy and access inclusive financial services. Like many ambitious Caribbean high school graduates, my first introduction to real-world to personal finance was through borrowing a massive amount of student loan debt to finance bachelor’s and master’s degrees in civil engineering. Though I had limited financial planning knowledge, I leveraged my technical engineering skills to tackle my complicated student loans, while saving, and financially supporting my extended family. After learning that other Caribbean student loan borrowers faced the same hurdles with their college debts, I became a certified financial education instructor, published the first book to help borrowers navigate the muddled college financing process for Caribbean students, and launched an online platform, http://www.yourmoneyworth.com, to fill the void of financial information available online for Caribbean Millennials. As the development of the central bank digital currency is underway in the Eastern Caribbean Currency Union, I recognize the tremendous opportunity to build the first digital financial solution to empower Eastern Caribbean citizens to minimize unhealthy levels of debt, save and invest their digital dollars.