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The company operates in the field of counseling on goat husbandry and more specifically on goats' breeding and nutrition, financial management of the units and marketing of the products (milk, meat).The consultancy services offered by the company are addressed to farmers with goats from indigenous breeds and the corresponding manufacturing units. In the first case, farmers are provided with advice on breeding and genetic purity of their animals, with a plan of controlled genetic crosses. Also a grouping system is introduced to the farmers with contract farming. In the case of manufacturing units, the units are given tested and certified raw material of superior quality, guidance towards the production of a new and certified product as well as assistance in finding new customers-buyers. Innovative elements of the company is the link between a product and a specific breed of goat, since it is the first time in Greece that a product will be associated with the specific breed of the animal from which the raw material is taken. Additionally, forming an AOC is also an innovation as in the past only groups among farmers and producers have appeared, the early indications from which are rather encouraging.

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