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Menel Ben-Frej


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First Aid AppKit

This is a mobile application that can save millions of lives. As we all know, everyone of us has a smartphone that cannot go a day without. We carry our phones everywhere we go! We download plenty of helpful application into our phones that sometimes come in handy. The First Aid AppKit is a smart phone application that guarantees you will be safe all the time no matter what happens. Lets imagine a scenario when, god forbidden, you or your love ones get into an accident in a distant place away from any form of communication and every second that goes by counts. First Aid AppKit helps you take action in the first crucial moments. First Aid appKit is a multifunctional application related to your phones GPS and camera and it has access to medical data base. So what to do with the First Aid AppKit? Its simple : 1/ Enter the name and identity cards number of the injured person 2/ take a picture of the injured person then put the smartphone directly on his skin while the application is still running: The camera related to this Application works as a scanner and can locate the source of bleeding, fracture, internal injuries/bleeding, the application also measures the pulse and the breathing pace. 3/ Hit the SEND button: After processing the data you entered, this application is going to send a detailed form that has the medical record (blood type, medical history), the type of injury that the person suffers and your exact location to the closest hospital. 4/ meanwhile, this application will show you a screen that describes the first aids that you should perform on the injured person.

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